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Javier Subatin was born in Buenos Aires in 1985 and he is now living in Lisbon.


His music was reviewed by many blogs and music magazines and was described as a “fine example of contemporary jazz finely chiselled and melodic at wish. Soft lyricism, inscribed in a sinuous universe” (culturejazz.fr).


He started his path in the current jazz scene in 2018 with the release of his first recording “Autotelic” with the support of Sintoma Records and Antena 2.


He was nominated to participate in various contests like Oscar Alemán Jazz Guitar Competition 2002, Montreux Jazz Guitar Competition 2015 and Komeda Jazz Composers Competition 2017.


Additionally, in 2018, he won a grant from Fundação GDA for the production of his second album “Variaciones”. And in 2019, he was a finalist in the Euroradio Jazz Competition at the Copenhaguen Jazz Festival in Denmark.


He currently has three projects in which he explores different group setups. His first recording, “Autotelic”, is based on a duo of piano and guitar with the renown Portuguese jazz pianist João Paulo Esteves da Silva. His second album, “Variaciones”, has the collaboration of some of the most relevant jazz musicians from Portugal. Variaciones has had its debut presentations in 2019 in Hot Club de Portugal and Porta Jazz, and it was released in March 2020. His third recording, that will be released in June 2020 by ears&eyes label, is a trio of guitar, alto saxophone and drums called Trance Trio. With this project, he performed in festivals as Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Südtirol Jazz Festival and Somersby Out Jazz. He is also working on a solo performance in which he works on compositions and free improvisations using extended techniques and electronics creating a musical context that mixes contemporary improvised music, jazz and electronic music.

Javier also works on classical composition and his piece “Pensando Vientos” (for flute, clarinet, horn and string quartet) has been selected to be part of a workshop at the Annual Royal Music Association conference in Bristol.

Furthermore, his experimental piece for solo guitar and surround electronics "Untitled#1", in which he explores personal ways of writing, prepared guitar with different objects, loops and electronics, has been selected to be performed at the international conference "21st Century Guitar - Unconventional Approaches to Performance, Composition and Research" in March 2021 in Lisbon.

In 2019 he finished the master's degree in jazz performance at the Superior School of Music in Lisbon (Instituto Superior de Música de Lisboa) and in 2017 he won a scholarship in research with the Wind Band Department directed by Alberto Roque. During the course of the master's degree, he developed two research projects about contemporary jazz, creativity and composition. He wrote an article about Contemporary Jazz Composition for which he interviewed.


In 2020, he founded the Composers and Improvisers Community Project where musicians from different parts of the world present exclusive videos and collaborative recordings through the Patreon online platform.

Press Quotes

"Fine example of contemporary jazz finely chiselled and melodic at wish. Soft lyricism, inscribed in a sinuous universe."



“The history of contemporary jazz's happening here.”



“Javier Subatin […] has provided us with an authoritative work where there is an abundance of clarity of ideas, good taste, detailed elaboration…”



"A melodic narrative where the music flows like a kite in the air, carried by its own will, and yet in the safe hands of the musicians who give the music the greatest trust: to let go and play without a reel."

All About Jazz


"It’s a lot like parallel play with delightful intersections of unity before each musician resumes and goes off anew over the knolls."


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