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Pensando Vientos (Thinking Winds), as its name suggests, has been conceived by “thinking” (or looking for) musical ideas for wind instruments, being its original version for a double wind quintet. On this version, I explored diverse ways to adapt “winds thoughts” for string quartet while the original winds ideas are played by flute, clarinet, and horn.


Pensando Vientos starts with a simple pentatonic phrase followed by a counterpoint of three melodies that grows by repetitions and variations through a dense texture.


Continuing, it evolves becoming a Candombe (Uruguayan popular rhythm). After that, it changes to a polyrhythmic beat based on an Argentinean folkloric rhythm called Chacarerawhere the texture of melody and accompaniment is more evident.


Later, it evolves towards a chord sequence with fermatas and to conclude it presents the initial counterpoint development but backward, going from a dense texture to the pentatonic phrase of the beginning.

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