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Mountains is a series of compositions for guitar trio and guest musicians, including alto saxophone, violoncello and piano.

The album has been recorded on April 2021 at Centro Musiberia with the support of Fundação GDA. It will be released in 2021.

Javier Subatin - guitar and composition

Demian Cabaud - double bass

Pedro Melo Alves - drums


João Mortágua - alto sax

Ricardo Jacinto - violoncello

Samuel Gapp - piano


In Javier Subatin's solo project - PULSAR - an eclectic approach works as a thread that unites jazz, electronics, free improvisation and contemporary music creating a musical territory that fluctuates between the certainties of pre-composed material and the uncertainty of improvised music.



Piece for improvised electric guitar and live stereo electronics.

Premiered at the 21st Century Guitar Conference in March 2021.



When listening to the Trance trio, we find completely improvised parts, complex written counterpoints, accented rhythms and textures resulting in a “fresh” project with an eclectic style that utilizes elements from Argentinian folk music, free improvisation, classical music and contemporary jazz.



"Variaciones is the gathering of technique with melodic integrity and sophistication. It begins simple and then blossoms into the infinite possibilities that exist in musical creation with the fluidity of jazz aligned to the structural temperance of classical music; the laid back Latin rhythms and the unpredictable and surprising factor of improvisation. It's a fusion that works perfectly and makes Variaciones an album that surprises us at each second and despite being "delirious"; does not fall into an exasperating and austere chaos" (acordesdequinta.com)



In Javier Subatin's “Autotelic”, we can find a series of compositions in which Javier looks for places of encounter between contemporary improvisation, written music, the language of jazz and his Latin-American background.

The central concept of this series of compositions, represented by the word autotelic, is music that has no other purpose but its own exploration and artistic achievement by the interaction between the musicians.



As a music researcher, I study the compositional and creative processes mainly in contemporary jazz. Exploración 111 has been inspired by two aspects of my work as a researcher. On the one hand, I analyzed the relation between composition, improvisation and performance.


In jazz, these three features are closely related and influenced each other, in one piece it is possible to find elaborated written music, completely improvised parts and every performance the piece is presented in different ways. Also, because the musicians involved can change the written music adapting it to their playing style.

On the other hand, the regular practice of composing – even if it’s just short ideas that may not become in new pieces – is common in all successful composers that I interviewed. Therefore, I was developing a composition practice routine in which I explored digital and synthesized sounds instead of using the guitar as the main instrument for searching for new ideas.

Finally, I found it interesting to develop a series of pieces that could be performed in different ways and make the listener an active element in the final result. 

The Exploración 111 series of interactive compositions are based on 4 short pieces made of a counterpoint of loops that have been created by improvising over different synthesized sounds.

Each piece has its original version but is opened to be different in every performance by alternating the order of the loops and changing the way the musical ideas combine. This is when the listener becomes performer-improviser: Exploración 111 is a proposition to the listener to take part of the piece by a multimedia application where the loops can be activated and stopped by himself at any time. This allows the listener to create a different version of the piece every time.

PLAY HERE: https://www.gaudeamusscreendive.com/exploration/


Pensando Vientos(Thinking Winds), as its name suggests, has been conceived by “thinking” (or looking for) musical ideas for wind instruments, being its original version for a double wind quintet. On this version,I explored diverse ways to adapt “winds thoughts”for string quartet while the original winds ideas are played by flute, clarinet and horn. Pensando Vientosstartswith a simple pentatonic phrasefollowed by a counterpoint of three melodies that grows by repetitions and variations through a dense texture. Continuing, it evolves becoming a Candombe(Uruguayan popular rhythm). After that, itchangesto a polyrhythmic beatbased on an Argentinean folkloric rhythm called Chacarerawhere the texture of melody and accompanimentis more evident. Later, it evolves towards a chord sequence with fermatas and to conclude it presents the initialcounterpoint development but backwards,going from a dense texture to the pentatonic phraseof the beginning.

Performed at Victoria Rooms in Bristol during the Royal Music Association Annual Conference the 14 September 2018.

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