"Argentinian-born Javier Subatin is gradually imposing on the Portuguese jazz scene and way beyond with music that plays with the contrast of the familiar with the stranger. The rhythmic and harmonic elements of jazz emerge in the place that the history of the genre was destined for, and the melodic work is what we could expect from the intersection of the post-bop tradition with the music of its author’s geographical origins. Drenched in live, surround electronics. Very exciting!" (So What's Next Jazz Festival)

When listening to the Trance trio, we find completely improvised parts, complex written counterpoints, accented rhythms and textures resulting in a contemporary jazz project with an eclectic style that will look for elements from folk music to electronic music, passing through free improvisation, classical music and the musicians'  jazz background.

"Even when it goes wandering far and wide, the music of autotelic possesses a directness that brings the journey right to the listener rather than insisting on a chase to go after it."


Variaciones can be described as contemporary jazz where the Latin-American rhythms, classical music and improvisation converge into a singular musical context.

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