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guitarist, composer, improviser and producer



trio + guests / improvised ensemble

Javier Subatin’s laser-accurate guitar drive grounds the interplay on Mountains, a natural world infused spin through the past and future of improvised music. 


sax-gtr-drums trio

When listening to the Trance trio, we find completely improvised parts, complex written counterpoints, accented rhythms and textures resulting in a “fresh” project with an eclectic style that utilizes elements from Argentinian folk music, free improvisation, classical music and contemporary jazz.


solo + live electronics

In Javier Subatin's solo album - PULSAR - an eclectic approach works as a thread that unites jazz, electronics, free improvisation and contemporary music and exploratory techniques creating a musical territory defined by improvisation and sonic exploration. 

Habitable Records

Co-founder and producer

 Habitable features a host of idiosyncratic voices from the space beyond genre, unified by expansive curiosity about the world of sound and the societal good that can come from it. Habitable operates with aesthetic and ethical considerations in equal measure.

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Founder and artistic director

A community of independent musicians from different parts of the globe who work together in order to produce a regular flow of exclusive online content.


Mixing and mastering services

After my studies in audio engineering in Buenos Aires, I've been working on mixing and mastering for more than 15 years. I'm offering audio production services at an affordable price working remotely and having live online sessions with high-resolution audio feedback. 




2021 - Ears&Eyes Records

In “Pulsar”, (Subatin) experiments and takes risks, but he does it with truly musical material. There is melody, there is harmony, there is rhythm. And there is experimentation, there is exploration, there is investigation. And much more. There is a world of possibilities of which the pioneering has only just begun. It's a fascinating album for its concept, method and execution.

(João Morado /

PULSAR album

2021 - Habitable Records

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“Mountains” goes directly to the list of the best national albums of 2021, and not just the jazz ones. From this year and undoubtedly from the last decade, with relevance that goes beyond borders. It's one of those rare albums that inspire, change everything, that goes down in history. Absolutely remarkable and not to be missed.

(Rui Eduardo Paes /

Mountains album

2020 - Ears&Eyes Records

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The title of guitarist Javier Subatin’s Trance is a slight misnomer. This collection of thematically interconnected “Trance” pieces are based on short recurring phrases, while some also connect to his South American roots. For his trio, this means a wide array of improvisational possibilities. But far from conveying a trance-like or meditative vibe, the sharp movements feel energizing.

(Aaron Cohen / Downbeat)

Trance album

2020 - Author's edition / Fundação GDA

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As architecturally sound essays conceived with synergy, discipline and creativity, these variations look to connect the dots between different styles and techniques by relying on a refined sonic palate.

(Filipe Freitas /

Variaciones album
autotelic album

2018 - Author's edition

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Even when it goes wandering far and wide, the music of autotelic possesses a directness that brings the journey right to the listener rather than insisting on a chase to go after it.

(Bird is the Worm)

CICP Collaborative Recordings vol. 1

2021 - Habitable Records / Various artists

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CICP vol. 1 album



"The history of contemporary jazz is happening here."



"[...] Very well done, rich in discoveries, in complexity, but never boring because it always carries a fresh breath."

(Yves Dorison /

In the past years, Javier was selected to participate in various international contests and festivals such as the Montreux Jazz Guitar Competition 2015, Komeda Jazz Composers Competition 2017, the Euroradio Jazz Competition 2019 at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival, So What’s Next? Jazz Festival 2020 and 2021, Südtirol Jazz Festival 2019 and Gaudeamus Music Week 2020.

He started his path as a composer and guitarist in the European jazz scene in 2018 with the release of his first recording “Autotelic”. And in the course of three years, he released 4 more recordings that have been very well received by the public and the international press. 

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