In Javier Subatin's solo project - PULSAR - an eclectic approach works as a thread that unites jazz, electronics, free improvisation and contemporary music and exploratory techniques creating a musical territory defined by improvisation and sonic exploration. This is the result of Javier's new explorations where he tries to extend his musical language by the use of electric guitar extended techniques, loops and live electronic audio treatment.

"In “Pulsar”, the guitarist experiments and takes risks, but he does it with truly musical material. There is melody, there is harmony, and there is rhythm. And there is experimentation, there is exploration, there is investigation. And much more. There is a world of possibilities in which the pioneering has only just begun. It's a fascinating album for its concept, method and execution."

"(...) a floating, vaporous musicality invariably emerges in each of the themes, which insists on not disappearing."

João Morado - Jazz.pt

Live @ "So What's Next" jazz festival