Javier Subatin’s laser-accurate guitar drive grounds the interplay on Mountains, a natural world-infused spin through the past and future of improvised music. Sidestepping the jazz concept of rhythm-section-with-lead-“voice” the partnership here operates with fluidity- a constant exchange of summit and valley- the listener’s attention drawn to multiple complementary synapses climbing together in tandem revelatory invention.

"Subatin achieves a remarkable balance of parameters, uniting brain and physicality, and this is not exactly common. Just as it is not common, among us, to propose something that very obviously enters the domains of exploratory music, but has strong roots in the post-bop tradition of jazz."

Rui Eduardo Paes -

"[Subatin] extends his palette to reverse effects and granularity, and even concrete sounds (Mountain #5) and converses with impressive ease with Demian Cabaud (b) and Pedro Melo Alves (dm), between rigorous structures, electronic abstractions and free unravelling towards a quasi-chaos always mastered."

Yazid Kouloughli - Jazz Magazine France

Demian Cabaud’s double bass and Pedro Melo Alves’ drums suffuse Javier’s compositions with colourful innovation, restraint, heft, and elation…guests (Samuel Gapp, piano; Ricardo Jacinto, cello; João Mortágua, alto sax) expand the range cohesive and untethered.