In the Trance series, Javier approaches composition through the use of small written musical ideas giving improvisation greater importance. Most of the Trance series pieces are based on three sections. Each section is based on the repetition of short-looped contrasting motives. Said repetition spirit leads the musicians to a kind of trance state that has its culmination with improvisation, by which the musicians become part of the compositional process in real-time giving a prominent place to the musical interplay.

"This collection of thematically interconnected “Trance” pieces all are based on short recurring phrases, while some also connect to his South American roots. For his trio, this means a wide array of improvisational possibilities. But far from conveying a trance-like or meditative vibe, the sharp movements feel energizing."

"Along with Subatin’s compositions, his trio interprets Duke Ellington’s “C Jam Blues,” following a similar game plan of compressing the piece into a small repeating theme. In this sparse rendition, the group still swings, but does so its own way."

Aaron Cohen - DownBeat Magazine

When listening to the Trance trio, we find completely improvised parts, complex written counterpoints, accented rhythms and textures resulting in a “fresh” project with an eclectic style that utilizes elements from Argentinian folk music, free improvisation, classical music and contemporary jazz.

"Subatin thus allows us to listen to music that has the conventional contours of jazz, but also strategies that go beyond it, at no time with one guiding line contradicting the other.

The way in which counterpoint is used throughout the pieces to the extreme of its possibilities is very representative of the applied concept, with the “looping” of the melodies and the “beats” determining a concentrated use of materials. Here's a good example of how a lot can be done with a few notes."

Rui Eduardo Paes -