For improvised electric guitar and 3 or 4-way surround electronics

Premiered at 21st Century Guitar Conference 2020 (stereo version)

Exploración 111
Interactive composition

Featured @ Screen Dive by Gaudemus Festival

The Exploración 111 series of interactive compositions are based on 4 short pieces made of a counterpoint of loops that have been created by improvising over different synthesized sounds.

Pensando Vientos
for string quartet, flute, clarinet and horn

Premiered at Victoria Rooms in Bristol during the Royal Music Association Annual Conference the 14 September 2018

Pensando Vientos (Thinking Winds), as its name suggests, has been conceived by “thinking” (or looking for) musical ideas for wind instruments, being its original version for a double wind quintet.

for improvisation ensembles

Cards is a game composition where each musician-performer can play the different cards in an aleatory order except for the beginning and end.